Silver Spring Township Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Plan Update

June 7 marks our third public meeting held to obtain input from our residents and business owners on the Comprehensive Plan update, and we continue to request your input. Click here for presentation that illustrates several aerial views of the township in various locations, (Photos were taken by the consultant using a drone in accordance with all FAA regulations and laws.) and also the 13 Essentials to be incorporated into the Comprehensive plan. The Essentials serve as guidelines for directing future growth and development, land preservation, community services, infrastructure, resource protection, energy conservation, and cooperative planning in the Township and provide a framework for recommended plan strategies.

In the past 20 years, growth pressure, traffic increases, greater demand for public services, and increased pressure on sensitive resources have made changes to the Township’s traditional rural landscape. These changes are of clear concern to the Township whose overarching goal is to retain its traditional rural character and quality of life for its residents while still addressing and responding to inevitable change. The Township recognizes a balance is needed between meeting changing demands and the ability of the land to sustain development and new uses. Through the revision to the Comprehensive Plan, the Township seeks to establish principles on which planning decisions are based on environmentally sound and sustainable principles, infrastructure capabilities, and the need to meet legal requirements.

Please take the time to contribute your thoughts by contacting Jim Bennett, Land Planning Manager at Once the final dates are set for public participation and public hearings, those will be advertised and published on the web site. Please keep an eye out for that information and participate in the process!

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