Agricultural Advisory Committee

Silver Spring Township created an Agricultural Advisory Committee to advise the Board of Supervisors in matters related to farming in the Township. With farms increasingly under threat from development and reduction of income, the Board believes that it is critical to establish dialogue between the Township and local farm owners and operators. In order to ensure that the small and medium-sized farms that reflect the Township’s culture and heritage continue to thrive, the Board wants to better understand the needs and concerns of the agricultural community. 

The Agricultural Advisory Committee consists of seven Silver Spring Township resident volunteers who are involved in the agricultural industry. The purpose of the committee is to provide the Board of Supervisors feedback on agriculture and the needs and concerns of local farmers. Committee members will have an opportunity to provide input on existing and proposed plans, policies and ordinances that may impact farmers. Meetings will be open to the public and will welcome all those who farm in Silver Spring Township or those who have an interest in agriculture.