I-81 Sewer Extension Project

A map of the I81 Sewer Extension overall project can be found here: I-81 Sewer Project Map

North I-81 Sewer Extension Project - UPDATES

October 21, 2022

The North I 81 Sewer Extension Project has commenced, and gravity sewers have been installed in the Wild Rose Lane and Huston Drive areas.   The contractor will be installing laterals in Wild Rose and Huston Drive over the next two weeks.  PACT One, LLC will then be moving towards the South Locust Lane, lower Pine Hill Avenue, and White Birch Lane areas over the next month, barring any unforeseen delays.  The pump station work is also underway, and the force main installation will be coming through Wild Rose Lane near the end of November.  Directional boring work to get under Interstate 81 should begin on October 24 and will be undertaken on the western sides of the Sample Bridge Road overpass.   The bore and receiving pits will be sited near the overpass and near the intersections of Wild Rose Lane and Sample Bridge Road and Rycroft Lane and Sample Bridge Road.  The directional boring work is anticipated to take about three weeks, with force main installation in parts of Sample Bridge Road and Wild Rose Lane occurring after the directional boring work under Interstate 81.  Bedrock blasting activities will be undertaken in the next two weeks in the Simmons Run hollow moving from the pump station site towards Sample Bridge Road.

September 8 Update:

PACT One, LLC (PACT) will start the North I-81 Sewer Project pipelaying operations for the Wild Rose Lane/Houston Drive areas of work next week (Sept 12-16).  Some equipment and materials will be moved into that area by the end of this week and continue through early next week.  It is our expectation that this work will have a duration of approximately 6 weeks.  An additional pipe crew will be mobilized in the week of September 26th to work within easement areas and complete the wet-well/pump station installation at the end of South Locust Lane.

April 29 Update:

North I-81 Sewer Extension Project Schedule:

The proposed work involved with the sewer extension project is as follows: 

  • Wednesday May 4 2022:  Subsurface exploratory drilling in White Birch Farms subdivision streets at manhole locations.
  • May 2022:  Project Stakeout and select and bulk clearing of pump station and sewer rights of way areas.
  • June/July 2022:  Subsurface exploratory drilling for rock in select areas—project wide.
  • July 2022:  Installation of gravity sewer main lines-200 Block Sample Bridge Road area and Sunset Drive
  • August 2022:  Installation of gravity sewer main lines—Oak Lane, White Birch Ave, and Marble Street

Please note that the schedule will be updated periodically as the project progresses and more information is available.

March 30 Update:

The bids for the North I-81 Sewer Extension Project, as mandated by the Township’s Act 537 Sewage Facilities Plan, were awarded at the March 16, 2022 Authority meeting.  The Authority Engineer and staff will be meeting with the contractors in early April to go over the project requirements and proposed schedule.  

Residents are advised that equipment and materials will now be moving in to the project areas in and around the 200 block of Sample Bridge Road, Sunset Drive, Wertzville Road, Wild Rose Lane, South Locust Lane and Millers Gap Road areas.  Crews will also be coming out to begin staking out the sewer line installation areas and begin tree removal over the next several weeks.  

Periodic updates will be provided on this website to communicate the schedules and areas that the contractors will be working in as the sewer installation progresses.  This message will be updated again on or after April 8, 2022.  Please note that residential connections to the sanitary sewer system will not occur until the infrastructure installation is complete and is able to accept sewage flows, which will not be before 2023.

Some LOAN INFORMATION, if needed:

The PENNVEST Homeowner Septic Loan Program helps qualified homeowners: • repair or replace an existing connection to public sewer OR an individual, on-lot sewage disposal system; • connect an existing home for the first time to public sewer. This low-cost loan is funded by PENNVEST and administered by the PA Housing Finance Agency. 

The Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency is a non-profit organization which serves the people of Pennsylvania by offering affordable housing resources, including loans and rent assistance. PHFA was created by an Executive Order by the Pennsylvania General Assembly in 1972.


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