Joint Compost Facility

Residents who wish to drop off their own lawn debris, may do so at the Silver Spring Township/Mechanicsburg Borough Joint Compost Facility, located adjacent to the Wastewater Treatment Plant off West Church Road in Mechanicsburg. Access cards are $10.00 per household and ensure that residents have access to the facility from date of purchase, until December 31 of each year. Annual renewal is required for continued use of the facility. Access cards are available for purchase at the Silver Spring Township Administration Office, located at 8 Flowers Drive in Mechanicsburg. 


Facility is for use by residents of Silver Spring Township and/or the Borough of Mechanicsburg and is for yard waste generated on properties from the municipalities listed and transported by the resident or by municipal staff. If you have any questions, please contact Silver Spring Township at (717) 766-0178 or the Borough of Mechanicsburg at (717) 691-3310.

  • COMMERCIAL LANDSCAPING BUSINESSES UTILIZING THE FACILITY ARE REQUIRED TO  HOLD A COMMERCIAL BUSINESS ACCESS CARD.  The cost for a Township business is $900.00, all other businesses located outside of the township will pay $1,500.00. 
  • Use of the site is at your own risk. Due to the possibility of numerous residents entering and exiting the site simultaneously, there is a need to exhibit extra caution and care when utilizing the facility.
  • No skateboarding, rollerblading, bicycling or similar activities permitted.
  • Facility is protected by 24 hour recorded video surveillance. 
  • Anyone found in violation of the following rules shall be subject to applicable fines and/or penalties as the law allows.
  • Cost of card is not prorated.


  •  The facility is for the collection of leaves, brush, and shrubbery clippings ONLY


  • Grass clippings, garbage, dirt, stones and/or garden waste
  • Treated lumber, landscaping timer, cross ties, painted wood, wooden furniture and/or construction & demolition debris
  • Trash, household hazardous waste, medical waste, bulky items (appliances, furniture), tires and/or scrap metal
  • Branches over 14 inches in diameter and/or tree stumps