Sewer Authority (Public Sewer)

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While the Authority maintains standardized rental and connection fees throughout the township, there are four distinct treatment areas in the township, and three of those areas have sewage flows exported to other municipalities. Those municipalities are: Hampden Township, Mechanicsburg Borough, and Middlesex Township. The Authority also collects and treats sewage at its Millfording Road Wastewater Treatment Plant. Total public sewage flows currently amount to 950,000 gallons per day on a township wide basis.

Sanitary Sewer (Public)

The Authority is responsible for operating and maintaining a 1,200,000 gallon per day treatment facility, 24 sewer pumping stations, and over sixty miles of sewer line. A recent treatment facility upgrade has enabled the authority to meet the stringent new waste water nutrient discharge requirements that were adopted by the Department of Environmental Protection through the Chesapeake Bay Initiative. The original treatment facility was constructed in 1990, and approximately 85% of the total sewer collection system has been installed since that time.

Sewer Easement/Right-of-Way

If you are unsure if a sewer easement or right-of-way exists on your property, please contact the Authority for information and details. If your sewer is clogged and you have determined that the blockage is not on your property, please call the Authority and personnel will check the main sewer serving the property. If the problem is in the Authority's main sewer, we will address the problem immediately. If the main sewer serving your home is determined not to be the source of the problem, Authority personnel will contact you to report their findings. 

Sewer Contractors

A list of building sewer contractors is provided below for your convenience. 

The Silver Spring Township Authority does not guarantee any of the work that would be undertaken by the contractors provided on this list, nor does this list constitute a recommendation that any of the contractors on the list be hired.

Click here for list: Sewer Contractors List

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There are currently 1,864 homes in the Township with septic systems. Township Ordinance provides for the inspection, maintenance and rehabilitation of on-lot sewage systems. This permits the Township to intervene in situations which may constitute a public nuisance or hazard to the public health; and to establish penalties and appeal procedures necessary for property administration of a sewer management program. Please click here for more information.

A map of the I81 Sewer Extension overall project can be found here: N81 Sewer Extension Project Overall Plan