Special Programs

The Silver Spring Township Authority has established a “Lawn Credit” program for new homes that are in the process of establishing a new lawn with frequent watering. The “Lawn Credit” is offered as a one-time credit for applicable customers where upon completing and returning the required form, the authority will cap a residential sewer bill at the Non-metered customer rate of $150.00 for two consecutive quarters. The “Lawn Credit” is only available to new residential construction situations and for two quarters. No extensions beyond the two-quarter period will be granted. 

The Silver Spring Township Authority administers a “Deduction Meter Program” whereby customers that utilize a large amount of water at their home or business that does not enter the public sewer system may purchase and install a meter that registers the amount of such water, which is then reported to the office and deducted from their total water usage for each month. Water meters may be purchased for $80 and up from plumbing suppliers such as R.F. Fager Co. in Camp Hill or Northeastern Supply in Carlisle. Please contact the office if you have questions or would like to utilize this program. Please note that it may not be cost effective in every case to utilize this program, depending upon your water use habits. There is a $50 annual registration fee (per meter) to enroll in the Deduction Meter Program.