Snow Removal

Silver Spring Township Public Works Department works diligently to clear ice and snow from dedicated Township roadways in a timely manner. Trucks have designated plow routes with each route starting with main roads, moving to secondary roads and then to development roads. It is the Township's policy to clear all roads then "curb to curb" whenever possible to provide safe traveling for motorists. 

Residents Reminder:

  • Remove vehicles from the roadways during the snowstorms
  • Clear an area to the right facing your driveway to give the snow plow a place to put snow before it gets to your driveway. 
  • Trim anything that overhangs the roadway or blocks visibility
  • Keep storm inlets clear to allow for drainage
  • It is illegal to push snow from a parking lot or driveway onto Township roads 

Residents are asked to review the Townships snow removal ordinance at: Ordinance 2011-10

The graphic below, provided by PennDoT provides tips on how you can avoid the "Second Shovel".

Snow Removal Diagram