Tax Collector

The tax bills for 2022 for  County and Township real estate and for Township per capita were mailed on March 1. Please contact the tax collector if you have not received your tax bill by March 10. The discount period ends on April 30. If your property tax is handled by an escrow account, please forward the tax bill to them. They do not pay your per capita tax.

The tax office is still limited for in person payments. There is a large, locked drop off box outside of the tax office door or payments may be mailed or using the credit card payment link below. There is a bank fee to use a credit card. Please contact the tax collector with any questions or concerns and reasonable accommodations will be made to handle any other business. 

The phone number for Debra Basehore Wiest is 717-697-1294. The address to mail or drop off payments is 269 Woods Drive, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050. Email is  

In addition to cash and check payments, credit card payments are now accepted online. Please click on the button below to enter your online payment. There is a 2.4% fee added to your online payment with a minimum of a $1 fee. The 2.4% fee will be based on the amount of your bill. You may pay more than one bill at a time. After submitting your payment, GovPayNet will send the payment information to the tax collector for approval. Your bill will not be considered paid until it is approved by the tax collector. Thank you.

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  1. Debra Wiest

    Township Tax Collector
    Phone: 717-697-1294

    The tax office is located at 269 Woods Drive in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania 17050 and is open Monday (9am-12pm) and Tuesday (9am-11am) for the months of March, April, May and June. Additional hours may be available by appointment.