Onlot Septic System Maintenance

The appointed Township Sewage Enforcement Officer is responsible for the enforcement of state regulations relative to onlot sewage disposal. This includes the testing and verification of site suitability, permit review and issuance, and system construction inspection. The SEO also investigates malfunctions and coordinates corrective actions.

As mandated by DEP, and in accordance with the recently adopted Silver Spring Township Ordinance No. 7 of 2009, the Township has enacted provisions for the inspection, maintenance, and repair of onlot septic systems. These requirements apply to all property owners who utilize onlot systems to treat and dispose of sewage in the Township.

The most significant provision included in the Ordinance is the requirement that once every five years property owners are obligated to have their septic tank pumped and system inspected.  The following table lists the pumping/inspection schedule for the first time through the five year cycle, additional years following sequentially:

                                    District 1         2014
                                    District 2         2015
                                    District 3         2016
                                    District 4         2017
                                    District 5         2018

Please view the Sewer Management Districts map for the scheduling of these activities.