Public Works Projects


Street Sweeping-5/22/19

If there are any questions please contact 717-766-0178 x 3003

  • Rivendell
  • Foxwood
  • Sterling Way
  • Holly Lane
  • Bentzel Drive
  • Hamlet Circle


More details to follow with timeline of each project. The website will be updated with this information when it becomes available.



Bentzel Drive

Tar & Chip

Biddle Road

Back Hoe & Stone/ Base repair

Bittersweet Lane

Base Repair

Brandywine Drive

Micro Seal

Buttonwood Court

Base Repair

Greenbriar Drive

Micro Seal

Greenbriar Way

Micro Seal

Hempt Road

Mill out 2", Oil & Chip/Shoulder

Holly Lane

Tar & Chip

Kelly Drive

Patchwork & pipe

Kost Road

Base repair/Chip &Seal Shoulders

Marble Street

Tar & Chip

Northfield Way

Double Tar & Chip

Pine Hill Avenue

Tar & Chip

Pleasant Grove Road

Single/Double Tar & Chip

Red Fox Lane

Double Tar & Chip

Rockledge Drive

Tar & Chip

Scenery Drive

Micro Seal

Surrey Lane

Base Repair

Texaco Road

Tar & Chip

Woods Drive

Cold patch/Base Repair