Autism/Special Needs Registry

The Silver Spring Twp Police Department recognizes the challenges involved with the wide spectrum of Autism and Special Needs. The difficulties that families face are sometimes extended into the community. When an Autistic/Special Needs family member wanders from their caretakers they often come in contact with Law Enforcement. Additionally, the nature of this condition can sometimes cause violent or destructive outbursts for which our Officers may be summoned to assist. For the safety of all involved the Silver Spring Twp Police Department is offering an Autism/Special Needs Registry for the residents of Silver Spring Township.

It is our hope that by having your loved one, who has been diagnosed on the Autism spectrum (or has Special Needs), registered with our department it will provide us with important information so as to prevent further stress on all involved. This information may assist us in locating a missing person, communicating with them, and reducing their stress level so we can provide assistance. This advanced knowledge may further prevent the need for use of force and enable our Officers to properly and most effectively deal with your loved one and diffuse further harm or danger.

If you have any questions regarding the Autism/Special Needs Registry please contact Sgt. Keith Stambaugh at 717-697-0607 extension 2010.

The information provided will be kept at the Police Department and will be used solely as a means to aid law enforcement and other emergency personnel in locating the missing person. Submit completed forms to

Autism/Special Needs Registry Form (PDF)