Municipal RoadsCommunity Clean-Up 2015 (6)

To get involved in a clean-up of a township road, contact the Public Works Department for more information on the Adopt-A-Highway program. State road clean-ups are handled by PennDot (see below) and township road clean-ups are handled through the Public Works Department.

There are many reasons given for littering, and two of the most common are not having a disposal container available and being too lazy to walk to the recycling or trash container. How can you help? If your group is looking to participate in the effort to keep Pennsylvania litter-free and beautiful, earning community service credits or simply wanting to get involved as dedicated, civic-minded individuals, we want you! You'll be joining a popular effort to clean-up litter on Pennsylvania's collective front yard - its 150,000 acres of roadside.  

Determining State Roads vs. Municipal Roads

Not sure if the road you want to help with is a township road or state road? You can go to the County's Property Mapper site to search for the road.  State roads are highlighted in RED.   

State Adopt-A-Highway Program

Protect Our Roads

1. Don't litter
2. If you see a friend litter, tell them to stop
4. If you see litter, pick it up. (Unless it is broken glass which should be swept up)  
5. Learn about litter so you can teach others that prevention is a wise choice to make

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