FEMA Floodplain Information

Silver Spring Township is required by the Federal EmergencyManagement Agency (FEMA) to adopt an ordinance regulating development withinflood hazard areas. FEMA has developed new floodplain maps which reflectchanges to the previous maps from May 18, 1999. Many, although not all propertyowners within the updated FEMA floodplain delineation will be required toobtain flood insurance, even if there is no record of a flood on the property. Thedevelopment standards limit development within flood hazard areas, includingaccessory structures and material stored outside.

Adoption of a floodplain ordinance is mandated by the federal government in order for properties within the jurisdiction to obtain federally subsidized flood insurance. Silver Spring Township does have a Floodplain Ordinance. If Silver Spring Township fails to enforce the floodplain ordinance/floodplain zone, no property within the Township will be eligible to participate in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), including those who already have federally subsidized flood insurance. Properties in flood hazard areas that do not have floodplain insurance may not be eligible for a mortgage.

What does this mean for you?

In simple terms, if the Township fails to enforce this ordinance, you may be unable to obtain a mortgage to buy or sell property in a flood hazard area. In the event of a flood, you will not have insurance to repair or replace damaged property. The following links will direct you to floodplain information regarding your property and NFIP information.


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