Park Projects

Park Maintenance

The Public Works Department is responsible for park maintenance among its other functions and hires full-time and part-time employees, which are overseen by the Park Maintenance Supervisor.

Park Rules

New Playground Open!Paul Walters Playground (6)

The playground (pictured right) is now open at Paul Walters Memorial Park, 10 Elm Street, Mechanicsburg.

2019 Park Projects

  • Install parking, sidewalks, and new playground at Paul Walters Memorial Park (complete)
  • Replace the tot lot playground at Stony Ridge Park (complete)
  • Add two picnic areas between the playground at Stony Ridge Park (complete)
  • Resurface tennis and basketball courts, adding pickleball lines to both tennis courts (complete)
  • Split rail around parking lot at Hidden Creek Park (complete) 
  • Foul poles for baseball fields at Stony Ridge Park (complete)

Do You Know About the Spotted Lanternfly?

spotted-lanternflyx300Help stop the spread of this invasive insect that is threatening the northeaster United States, especially southeastern Pennsylvania. Call 1-888-422-3359 or report a sighting from the Penn State Extension website.  

Tree-of-heaven, also known as ailanthus, is a rapidly growing deciduous tree native to both northeaster and central China, as well as Taiwan. Spotted Lanternfly are particularly attracted to Tree-of-heaven. 

Emerald Ash Borer

The Emerald Ash Borer is an invasive highly destructive wood-boring insect that attacks ash trees. It was detected in Pennsylvania in late June 2007. Article - "My Ash Trees Are Dying, What Do I Do?"

Photo below prepared by Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture. 

EAB Positives 2007-2019

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