KIDS Corner

Welcome to KIDS Corner!  

We have provided some really fun resources below to help get your kids outside and active! Sometimes these activities are more fun for the parents than they are for the kids, but that’s okay. Make it fun and make it unique. Get out and find a local park today!

Highlight Your Creativity! 

Weekly art contest for children ages 12 & Under. Submit your photo for a chance to win! New Winner Announced Every TUESDAY! New "HIGHLIGHT" category every week with a chance to have your artwork featured in the Parks & Rec Guide! A winner will be selected each week. Click Here for this weeks contest theme ending June 16th. 

Virtual Camps for Kids - Starting in June & August

Register Here For Virtual Camps

Road Trip USA 3-Day Camp (Grades K-4)STEAM Road Trip USA 3-Day Camp

STEAM Tank Entrepreneur 3-Day Camp (Grades 4-8)

STEAM Entrepreneur 3-Day Camp Opens in new window

STEAM-Warts 3-Day Camp (Grades K-4)

Steam-Warts 3-Day Summer Camp Opens in new window

Bingo, Word Searches & Activity Books

Zoo Webcams and Other Live Streams

Healthy Tips for Parents

Disc Golf at Willow Mill Park

80 Willow Mill Park Road, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050

How Much Activity Do Kids & Teens Need? 

Click to view this simple chart for ages 17 and under.