Functional Needs

A Functional Needs Registry (FNR) is a database comprising information on all Silver Spring Township residents with functional needs. We collect this information so that if there is a disaster, we can locate anyone who is listed in the FNR and provide such assistance as medical and transportation.

What are examples of Functional Needs?

Type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, insulin dependency, mobility disability, hemophilia, stroke, pacemaker, sleep apnea. These are just a few examples. There are many more. If you are uncertain if you have a functional need, contact the Silver Spring Township Public Safety Director at 717-766-0178, ext. 3004.

Is there a charge to be included in the Functional Needs Registry?

Not only is there NO charge to be included in the registry, but also there is NO charge if we need to provide you with service (e.g., medication, evacuation) if there is a catastrophic weather-related incident or a disaster.

What information is included in the Functional Needs Registry?

The information we collect includes the resident’s name, address, telephone number, an emergency contact name and telephone number, and the functional need, e.g., Type 1 insulin-dependent diabetic or mobility disability.

Is the information in the Functional Needs Registry shared with anyone?

The information contained in the Functional Needs Registry is completely confidential and is never shared with the public. The only department with access to the Functional Needs Registry is the Silver Spring Township Emergency Management Agency.

How do I register myself, or a loved one, to be included in the Function Needs Registry?

Either fill out the form from the link below or come to the office for the form.  Fill out and return (walk-in or by mail) to the office at 8 Flowers Drive, Mechanicsburg, PA 17050. Once received the information will be added to the registry.

Functional Needs Registry Form