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1. How do I know if I qualify for the program?
2. Doesn’t land preservation typically involve farms?
3. Are only private landowners eligible?
4. Will the Township pay me to preserve my land?
5. How much money will I receive?
6. Purchase price? What exactly is the Township purchasing?
7. If the Township purchases my development rights, does this mean that I no longer own my property?
8. Will I be able to sell my land in the future?
9. You’ve mentioned that the Township preserves land through conservation easements. What are conservation easements?
10. What do you mean by restrictions or limitations?
11. Do these limitations mean that I will be restricted from adding on to my home or building a new garage?
12. Who will monitor my preserved land for violations of the restrictions put in place?
13. You mentioned an appraisal earlier. Is this appraisal like the one homeowners get before selling their home?
14. Will I receive payment for the full value of the conservation easement as determined by the appraiser?
15. How will placing a conservation easement on my land affect my tax liability?
16. Can I choose to donate my land to the program?
17. How do I apply for the Township’s Land Preservation program?
18. Is there a deadline to submit my application?
19. Does filling out an application lock me into a commitment?
20. How long will the preservation process take?
21. Who do I contact for more information?